Matchmakers vs. Dating Services

When you need help with your love life who are you going to turn to?  There are experts in every field these days. If you wanted to learn a language you could go to a school, college, a foreign immersion program or have a private tutor. It comes down to cost and opportunity.  It’s just the same with dating and there’s nothing to fear, services have been created for people just like you!  Whether you are the leader of a big organization or a college student who just can’t seem to meet the right person on campus, the world’s become a big place and people are always busy, busy, busy with their own priorities.  Make sure your priorities are achieved and use the best resources you have available to you — there are some upscale Los Angeles matchmakers and excellent ones out there for you!  Take your time in considering which option is best for you.  Here is some helpful information that may make it easier for you decide where to turn.


Matchmakers are people who have the special ability to set clients up on dates with the intent of those dates turning into a fulfilling relationship. This is a serious profession and there are some amazing matchmakers out there.  Finest Matchmaker is an upscale Los Angeles Matchmaker used by Los Angeles millionaire dating singles and serious professionals.  Another talented company is Find Me Romance which provides singles throughout the US introductions to quality matches.  They also offer Los Angeles Matchmaking services that are highly regarded.  Smart matchmakers have to be selective as to which clients they work with as its important there is quality communication when working in such a personal and sensitive area of one’s life.  Some services only work with men as paid clients and will then introduce women to their male clients.  Other services take both men and women as paid clients.  Depending on the service level a client chooses the matchmaking services can be somewhat costly.  The greatest benefit in working with a leading matchmaking company is the attention and confidentiality you will enjoy and ultimately — the result!   Matchmaking is a process that can take a good deal of time and commitment but ultimately the end justifies the means.  There may be testing and background checks involved to ensure your safety and the welfare of your dates.  Some of the best matchmakers in Los Angeles use stylists provide concierge services such as date arrangements and image consultations.  Quality matchmakers present clients with matches and then recommend dates.

Who would benefit from this service?  Because of costs and the issues with finding an ideal match this is really for someone looking to make a long-term commitment and find a relationship. Having a matchmaker saves clients time and make the entire dating process much smoother and more efficient. A matchmaker who knows what you are really looking for will help guide you to make good dating decisions to make sure you get your relationship off on the right foot.  How much do matchmakers charge?  Anywhere from $4000 to $100,000 depending on the quality and experience of the matchmaker.

Dating Services

Dating services proliferated long before the onslaught of online dating sites.  In fact now that there are specialized dating websites for almost every niche market the public has become tired of the process of sorting and sifting through countless meaningless meetings.  This has been a boon to dating services that provide a personal element to the public.  Unlike a matchmaker, there is a limit to the services a dating service will offer clients. Several of the larger dating services will not show clients photos before meeting. In addition, they often only match within their own network of paid members, which limits the pool and potential for being matched.  There are Los Angeles dating services for every type of person. Some services offer members the chance to come to get for group events or social activities.

Who is this service best for? People wanting a higher level of service than what an online dating site offers and appreciate the interaction of a person.  It’s a nice intermediate step if hiring a matchmaker is not financially possible. Dating services are also a good option if a person wants to meet lots of people but isn’t yet ready to meet the a person to have a serious relationship with. How much to dating services charge? Monthly fees ranging from $50 to $1,000 and up.

Dating Coaches

Dating coaches are a great way to get over a past relationship, learn about yourself and gain valuable tools to succeed in your next relationship. Many dating coaches are really insightful, well-trained experts in communication and human interactions. Everyone who is single and interested in being ready or being at their very best can benefit from working with a dating coach. Dating coaches can assist with the following areas or relationships: confidence, dating ideas, past limitations, appearance, social skills and being open.

Working with a dating coach includes a personal assessment and improvement plan.  Think of the process much like working with a life coach but focused on improving your dating life and ability to have a successful relationship. Dating coaches vary in terms of techniques and services offered. Some strictly work on your issues while others provide hands-on dating boot camps and wingman services. Coaches offer in person and phone meetings as well as group meetings for those who are cost conscious.

Who is this service best for?  For singles feeling they can improve some part of themselves is holding them back from meeting the right person. Working with a coach is an active partnership and you will get what you put into it.  Its key that you work with someone who you feel you can trust and can open up to.  Working with a coach requires being open to change and self-improvement. Prices to work with a Date Coach can range from $50 per hour to thousands for a more intensive program.

Regardless of the dating services you choose, take your time and talk with the services and find out if they are right for you.

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