Live in Luxury on Your Next Trip to Los Angeles

Having recently been asked by one of our VIP clients to arrange accommodations for a party of six for two weeks stay in Los Angeles we put our client services manager to the test.  With short notice the options were limited as this client only likes the best rooms with the most comfortable accommodations and of course privacy and a view.  Having tired of calling all of the 5-star hotels in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles we decided to try something new for this client.  A private estate rental which not only proved to be significantly less expensive but also provided way more luxury with no loss of convenience.  In fact the company we chose waited on our client’s every need and made his vacation a delightful experience, which relieved us and our stress levels greatly.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Los Angeles is a highly professional business firm with a knowledgeable staff who represent and have exclusive access to the finest luxury vacation rentals Los Angeles has to offer.   They take care of all of the fuss and went so far as to book our client dinner reservations and provide a full staff including house keeper, driver and even arranged private yoga, massage and personal training at the Beverly Hills estate that our client rented.  Talking with the owner he explained to us that they carefully select world-class estates that their clientele prefer staying at instead of busy hotels. They have another company that serves clients in Mexico for Luxury Vacation Rentals Cabo as well. For a few days at the beach which our client wanted to experience they opened up a private Carbon Beach villa owned by a renowned movie star for a BBQ and sunset drink party.  To say our client was delighted is an understatement.  The next time we need to book any type of private vacation rentals or hotels in Los Angeles we will call this impressive firm first and let them make our client feel like the VIPs they are.

VIP Benefits of renting a vacation house in LA include:

  • Privacy:  Private homes have no neighbors on the other side of the wall.  At a hotel you have to take your chances and hope people are respectful
  • Peace and Quiet: You will be away from the main streets, where hotel have noise
  • Designer features:  Luxury rentals offer one-of-a-kind properties such as estates, penthouses, or beachfront multi bedroom getaway villas
  • Like being at home: Your villa will have a fully stocked kitchen, private pool, laundry room, and amenities
  • Larger Space: Your villa will be many times bigger than the grandest suite or bungalow at most hotels
  • Family and Group suitable: Enjoy many bedrooms, bathrooms that a group of hotel rooms can’t offer