Live in Luxury on Your Next Trip to Los Angeles

Having recently been asked by one of our VIP clients to arrange accommodations for a party of six for two weeks stay in Los Angeles we put our client services manager to the test.  With short notice the options were limited as this client only likes the best rooms with the most comfortable accommodations and of course privacy and a view.  Having tired of calling all of the 5-star hotels in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles we decided to try something new for this client.  A private estate rental which not only proved to be significantly less expensive but also provided way more luxury with no loss of convenience.  In fact the company we chose waited on our client’s every need and made his vacation a delightful experience, which relieved us and our stress levels greatly.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Los Angeles is a highly professional business firm with a knowledgeable staff who represent and have exclusive access to the finest luxury vacation rentals Los Angeles has to offer.   They take care of all of the fuss and went so far as to book our client dinner reservations and provide a full staff including house keeper, driver and even arranged private yoga, massage and personal training at the Beverly Hills estate that our client rented.  Talking with the owner he explained to us that they carefully select world-class estates that their clientele prefer staying at instead of busy hotels. They have another company that serves clients in Mexico for Luxury Vacation Rentals Cabo as well. For a few days at the beach which our client wanted to experience they opened up a private Carbon Beach villa owned by a renowned movie star for a BBQ and sunset drink party.  To say our client was delighted is an understatement.  The next time we need to book any type of private vacation rentals or hotels in Los Angeles we will call this impressive firm first and let them make our client feel like the VIPs they are.

VIP Benefits of renting a vacation house in LA include:

  • Privacy:  Private homes have no neighbors on the other side of the wall.  At a hotel you have to take your chances and hope people are respectful
  • Peace and Quiet: You will be away from the main streets, where hotel have noise
  • Designer features:  Luxury rentals offer one-of-a-kind properties such as estates, penthouses, or beachfront multi bedroom getaway villas
  • Like being at home: Your villa will have a fully stocked kitchen, private pool, laundry room, and amenities
  • Larger Space: Your villa will be many times bigger than the grandest suite or bungalow at most hotels
  • Family and Group suitable: Enjoy many bedrooms, bathrooms that a group of hotel rooms can’t offer

Choosing A Los Angeles Matchmaker

As time goes by and many people search in vain for their soul mates, the need for a service to help people find their true love has become a valuable resource for many. The reason why many of these people cannot find a soul mate and end up heartbroken is that they use faulty means for looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right and do not realize the value that a Los Angeles matchmaker can provide them.  If you are looking for Los Angeles matchmakers, then you need to look into the following key aspects to help you determine the right one for you.

The number one reason why you might want to use Los Angeles matchmaking services could be because you do not have time to date, or time to devote to courting people in the early stages of a relationship. Many people are very busy with their lives, which makes it hard for them to find time to socialize and build a long lasting relationship. However, a Los Angeles dating service gives these people a chance to meet and chat with their matches at their convenience online in the comfort of their own home, which is certainly more convenient than trying to pick someone up in the street or at a bar.

If you do not have time to socialize and meet new people, and do not want to waste any time courting, then you can use Los Angeles matchmaker services to help you handle the tough parts of the process for you and in working their magic they can set you up with the perfect match. All you and need to do is place in your profile details, together with a photo of you. Once you have built and completed your profile, you can then move ahead and place in demands and attributes you want from the other half, and you are good to go. The matchmakers will use their well-equipped database and matchmaking software to match up someone as per your request, and then send you the other persons profile for you to view.  Pretty easy, huh?

The other reason why you should use Los Angeles millionaire matchmaker is because you could be dating incompatible people, who end up breaking your heart every time. Using this service helps you understand and also place and quantify what you want from the other person, and what you expect in return from a long term relationship. There are many people who are a constant search for their soul mates and it certainly helps having someone on your side who can work with you to weed out the pretenders from the contenders.

For you to find the right person to spend the rest of your time with, you need to use a Los Angeles matchmaking service that has been in existence for a long time, and is highly experienced in the field as well. This means you will need to look into the company’s service and also reviews to see the number of years it has been in operation and also the success level they have had producing compatible matches for clients.  One thing you need to know about experienced matchmakers is that they have a large database of people seeking for their soul mates, and all they need to do is look for a person who fits your requirements.

Most of these companies have a program that matches people by their preferences, hence making it easier and faster for people to find their true match once and for all.  What does this mean for you?  It means that if you commit mentally and have a positive attitude that finding your true love with the help of a professional Los Angeles matchmaking service is definitely a realistic goal.  Contact Finest Matchmaker today at:


Matchmakers vs. Dating Services

When you need help with your love life who are you going to turn to?  There are experts in every field these days. If you wanted to learn a language you could go to a school, college, a foreign immersion program or have a private tutor. It comes down to cost and opportunity.  It’s just the same with dating and there’s nothing to fear, services have been created for people just like you!  Whether you are the leader of a big organization or a college student who just can’t seem to meet the right person on campus, the world’s become a big place and people are always busy, busy, busy with their own priorities.  Make sure your priorities are achieved and use the best resources you have available to you — there are some upscale Los Angeles matchmakers and excellent ones out there for you!  Take your time in considering which option is best for you.  Here is some helpful information that may make it easier for you decide where to turn.


Matchmakers are people who have the special ability to set clients up on dates with the intent of those dates turning into a fulfilling relationship. This is a serious profession and there are some amazing matchmakers out there.  Finest Matchmaker is an upscale Los Angeles Matchmaker used by Los Angeles millionaire dating singles and serious professionals.  Another talented company is Find Me Romance which provides singles throughout the US introductions to quality matches.  They also offer Los Angeles Matchmaking services that are highly regarded.  Smart matchmakers have to be selective as to which clients they work with as its important there is quality communication when working in such a personal and sensitive area of one’s life.  Some services only work with men as paid clients and will then introduce women to their male clients.  Other services take both men and women as paid clients.  Depending on the service level a client chooses the matchmaking services can be somewhat costly.  The greatest benefit in working with a leading matchmaking company is the attention and confidentiality you will enjoy and ultimately — the result!   Matchmaking is a process that can take a good deal of time and commitment but ultimately the end justifies the means.  There may be testing and background checks involved to ensure your safety and the welfare of your dates.  Some of the best matchmakers in Los Angeles use stylists provide concierge services such as date arrangements and image consultations.  Quality matchmakers present clients with matches and then recommend dates.

Who would benefit from this service?  Because of costs and the issues with finding an ideal match this is really for someone looking to make a long-term commitment and find a relationship. Having a matchmaker saves clients time and make the entire dating process much smoother and more efficient. A matchmaker who knows what you are really looking for will help guide you to make good dating decisions to make sure you get your relationship off on the right foot.  How much do matchmakers charge?  Anywhere from $4000 to $100,000 depending on the quality and experience of the matchmaker.

Dating Services

Dating services proliferated long before the onslaught of online dating sites.  In fact now that there are specialized dating websites for almost every niche market the public has become tired of the process of sorting and sifting through countless meaningless meetings.  This has been a boon to dating services that provide a personal element to the public.  Unlike a matchmaker, there is a limit to the services a dating service will offer clients. Several of the larger dating services will not show clients photos before meeting. In addition, they often only match within their own network of paid members, which limits the pool and potential for being matched.  There are Los Angeles dating services for every type of person. Some services offer members the chance to come to get for group events or social activities.

Who is this service best for? People wanting a higher level of service than what an online dating site offers and appreciate the interaction of a person.  It’s a nice intermediate step if hiring a matchmaker is not financially possible. Dating services are also a good option if a person wants to meet lots of people but isn’t yet ready to meet the a person to have a serious relationship with. How much to dating services charge? Monthly fees ranging from $50 to $1,000 and up.

Dating Coaches

Dating coaches are a great way to get over a past relationship, learn about yourself and gain valuable tools to succeed in your next relationship. Many dating coaches are really insightful, well-trained experts in communication and human interactions. Everyone who is single and interested in being ready or being at their very best can benefit from working with a dating coach. Dating coaches can assist with the following areas or relationships: confidence, dating ideas, past limitations, appearance, social skills and being open.

Working with a dating coach includes a personal assessment and improvement plan.  Think of the process much like working with a life coach but focused on improving your dating life and ability to have a successful relationship. Dating coaches vary in terms of techniques and services offered. Some strictly work on your issues while others provide hands-on dating boot camps and wingman services. Coaches offer in person and phone meetings as well as group meetings for those who are cost conscious.

Who is this service best for?  For singles feeling they can improve some part of themselves is holding them back from meeting the right person. Working with a coach is an active partnership and you will get what you put into it.  Its key that you work with someone who you feel you can trust and can open up to.  Working with a coach requires being open to change and self-improvement. Prices to work with a Date Coach can range from $50 per hour to thousands for a more intensive program.

Regardless of the dating services you choose, take your time and talk with the services and find out if they are right for you.

Welcome to Finest Matchmaker!

Welcome to our new website dedicated to providing the highest quality matchmaking and dating services to our valued clientele.  We know there are many options out there for you to explore when looking for a relationship and appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.  We are certain when you speak with our team, you will feel a real difference in our knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of how to find and keep a quality relationship.  Our clients are smart and we always treat them with the utmost respect.  There will never be an instance where we will disregard your feelings or preferences.  We make every effort to create love and success for each, and every person we are privelidged to work with.  Los Angeles Matchmaking can be challenging because the people here have so many opportunities to meet “new” exciting potential dates.  It’s as if there’s a fascination with the “new” and there’s never a chance to get beyond the surface of things and really connect on a more profound level with a compatible parter.  We’re here to help make this process a little bit easier.  No relationship is ever easy, but when one is right, the effort is a joy and somethibg we look forward to with all of our heart.  We are looking forward to hearing from you, and don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or go to our new client form and share a little bit about yourself.  All inquieries are 100% confidential and we never share client information with anyone.  It’s time you found the realtionship you’ve alway wanted.  If you are single and looking for someone special, and would like to leverage the expertise of a dedicated professional team of matchmakers with the highest standards we are here to help you succeed today!